Thursday, January 11, 2018

A Baltimore hospital is doing massive damage control because of a viral video of security guards dumping a disoriented patient at a bus stop in freezing weather, clothed only in a hospital gown. It was so cold that you could see the patient’s breath.

The video shows four security guards take a patient outside in the elements in a wheelchair. The University of Maryland Medical System has responded by launching an investigation into this appalling situation. This is a prime example of patient dumping which happens when a hospital abandons a patient with a chronic problem, such a mental health issue, on the street.

Imamu Baraka is apparently a doctoral student in Healthcare Administration. He advocated for the woman by questioning the security guards who dumped her. “Y’all are just going to leave this lady out here with no clothes?” Baraka asked. One of the guards replied, “Due to the circumstances of what happened.”

Baraka videoed the encounter and stayed with the woman until an ambulance arrived and returned her to the same hospital that dumped her off. Baraka got a first-hand look at the current state of healthcare in many parts of this country.

The woman in the video is completely disoriented. She is even unable to talk. You can see that video below.

It’s hard to imagine any logical excuse for a hospital to dump a disoriented woman in the street without clothing. She didn’t even have underwear on. Not only is that a physical threat to her, but temperatures were in the 30s!

Baraka’s video has over 1 million views and national news also picked up the story. The hospital is now faced with a massive publicity issue that it rightly deserves. It is unconscionable for a healthcare professional to order this incapacitated woman to be dumped in the street. She had no idea what was going on.

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Source: Daily Mail

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