Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Parents have a pure and deep love for their children. This deep love is something both biological and adoptive parents experience. Parental love knows no boundaries.

Many adoptive parents have different challenges than more traditional parents experience. This is particularly true for parents who have adopted children of a different race. Even “Duck Dynasty’s” Korie and Willie Roberts have experienced racism because their adopted son Willie, Jr. is biracial.

The show “What Would You Do” goes undercover to see how people react to certain situations. In one episode, diners at a restaurant were put in the very uncomfortable situation of watching a white mother eating with her adopted black daughter get peppered with racist comments from actresses pretending to be diners.

One by one, the unsuspecting diners stepped up to confront and silence the racist line of questioning. Most pointed out how incredibly inappropriate it is to say such things, let alone shout them across a restaurant allowing the child to possibly hear it all. Fortunately, the beautiful little girl was wearing headphones. Hopefully, that prevented her from hearing her mother being peppered with questions about their race.

One woman broke down in tears over this. She had experienced racism. A young man puts one of the racist actresses in her place by saying, “The only discrimination I see right now is from you.”

The video below is evidence that Americans overwhelmingly don’t see people by the color of their skin and they will not tolerate racism.

This video needs to be sent to all of the race baiters, including Al Sharpton. How are they going to explain all of these folks stepping up for this mother and her daughter when they are confronted with racism? This was a rather powerful video.

Share this to tell the race baiters they are wrong about Americans!

Source: Facebook

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