Friday, February 2, 2018

Jeff Foxworthy speaks a lot of truth in his comedy routines. Although he is best known for his redneck jokes, one of the most relatable things I have heard him talk about is parenting.

In a hilarious routine, he explains how parenting is so much different today than it was when he was growing up. Today, kids have to be strapped into a car seat every which way. When we were little, our parents would stick a kid in the back window of the car. We would ride like that even on long trips. I even remember taking a nap up against that window.

Jeff understands how challenging it is to take kids to the grocery store. He now understands why his mom left him and his siblings in the car. Today, that is no longer an option. He warns others about how hard it is to avoid the cereal aisle when you are shopping with kids. Children lose their minds over cereal with prizes inside themĀ and will have a temper tantrum over them.

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“Kids buy cereal the same way grown men buy lingerie,” the comedian said. “They buy stuff that really don’t care anything about, just so they can get the prize inside.”

Toys are completely different. Young Jeff had a wood-burning kit toy that would never be permitted today. His childhood swing set wasn’tĀ anchored to the ground and would lift up when they would swing high. Today’s parental safety police would never allow this!

Watch below for a good laugh, and see if you agree with Jeff Foxworthy!

That is so true about our pets not wearing collars. All the neighbors knew who owned each and every pet. That’s probably because neighbors actually knew each other back then.

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