Monday, February 12, 2018

Willie Robertson knows a thing or two about hunting. The Duck Dynasty star has been hunting his whole life. His livelihood even centers around it. Hunting and feeding your family is part of the culture of his family.

When TMZ spotted Willie at LAX airport, they asked him some questions about President Trump‘s job performance. Willie agrees with the way the Commander in Chief is running the country. But, a question about the older Trump boys is what brought about a surprising answer from the reality television star.

As one of the President’s early endorsers, the Duck Commander CEO has spent a lot of time with the Trumps, so Willie was asked what it’s like hunting with Eric and Donald Trump, Jr. “They are good hunters, good shots. Pretty good for city boys,” Willie responded. “Them two city boys do alright.”

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The two older Trump sons appear to be well-rounded individuals. They are very successful in the business world. They have beautiful families. And their hunting skills get approval from Willie Robertson.

When he was asked about animal activists protesting hunting, Willie had a simple response. He hunts for food. The Duck Commander CEO is feeding his family. “It’s farm to table,” he said.

While preferring to eat white-tailed deer that he has hunted himself, Willie had an interesting recommendation of how to serve squirrel.

Watch the video below to see if you agree with Willie Robertson!

That may have been the first time someone suggested eating squirrels and gravy at LAX! I will admit that I have never eaten squirrel, but I found this answer pretty comical given the fact that it was said in Los Angeles! To each their own!

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Source: TMZ

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