Monday, March 26, 2018

Clint Eastwood has won a lot of hearts during his legendary film career, but the “Dirty Harry” star’s biggest fan might actually be Kellie Pickler.

The country star and actress is very vocal about the fact that she is enamored with Eastwood. So, when Pickler was on “Ellen,” she got the surprise of a lifetime when he showed up to meet his devoted fan. “Anything he touches, I love,” Pickler told Ellen DeGeneres.

First, Ellen had Pickler tell the audience about her obsession with Clint Eastwood. Her grandparents raised her and they always watched Clint Eastwood westerns. When Pickler found out that her hero was there at Ellen’s studio, she could not contain her enthusiasm. She had no idea that Eastwood was backstage waiting to meet her!

The “American Idol” jumped to her feet to meet her favorite actor. Eastwood certainly didn’t seem to mind the attention! She jumped up and kissed him right on the lips and then sat right in his life. She was completely enamored with meeting her lifelong crush.

The video below is adorable.

It’s so cute to see a star being starstruck! But, given that she has great memories watching Clint Eastwood with her grandmother, the reaction is certainly real! It’s easy to understand why she is so excited. She’s meeting Clint Eastwood!  Even a star like Pickler gets excited about such occasions.

I love how she makes a case about how much they have in common. Eastwood’s expression is unforgettable when she puts his hand on her chest and says, “Feel my heart!” I don’t think he was expecting that move on television.

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