Wednesday, March 21, 2018

The population of welfare recipients continues to swell with people who are capable of working. Hardworking Americans are sick of being the ATM for these people who can work, but choose not to. We have to subsidize their lives. Welfare was intended to be a hand up for people in challenging situations but instead has become a handout and a lifestyle for many people.

This is frustrating as American taxpayers are stuck.

A poll from the Foundation for Government Accountability shows that Americans are fed up with these freeloaders. 90% of all voters believe able-bodied adults receiving welfare or food stamps should be required to work at least part-time or volunteer.

This could cause serious problems for Democrats in the midterm elections if that party’s opposition to these reforms is highlighted to voters.

Man on the street interviews expose that there is strong support for the slashing of these entitlement programs.

In the video below, people were asked what their first job was and what that job taught them. The participants all said learned important lessons from their first jobs, including responsibility and pride.

They were then asked how many able-bodied people they think are getting food stamps. Nobody even came close to the correct answer as it’s hard to believe our government hands out checks to 21 million people who can work, but don’t.

It is a real kick in the gut to learn that you are subsidizing people who won’t work. The people who were interviewed all thought it was disgusting they have to pay taxes to support millions of freeloaders. They all believed a working or volunteer requirement should be stipulated for people receiving government assistance.

The video below should scare Democrats. American taxpayers feel so strongly about the need for welfare and food stamp reform that it could cause liberals doom at the ballot box.

Work is the key to helping people gain their independence. It will help propel able-bodied individuals away from entitlement programs and save taxpayer dollars.

As you can see from the graphic below, over 90% of voters surveyed support major welfare reform. This fact could push voters to Republican candidates this Fall as 20% of voters are still undecided.

welfare poll

Welfare and food stamp reform is important. We shouldn’t be forced to pay for people who can work but chose not to. It’s time to stop the abuse of these programs!

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Source: FGA

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