Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Dr. Phil has a way of giving people a reality check. He had his hands full with a Beverly Hills brat, but he was up for the challenge. A few tears and some honest talk from the television shrink might have been the wakeup call this entitled teen needed.

Nicolette is given everything she wants. She had a $5000 a month allowance and would routinely blow through that. Now that she is 15 and preparing to drive, she is demanding a $231,000 Mercedes Benz for her birthday. She shockingly tells her mom and Dr. Phil that she won’t accept a Honda or a Toyota.

Watch the video below and be amazed at how much this child is given every single month. It appears no matter how much Nicolette is given, she wants even more! When her mom reduced her allowance to $1,000 a month, this self-described Hollywood brat claims she is forced to live like a “peasant.”

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Dr. Phil had a lot to tell Nicolette. Of course, she is not entitled to any of what she has been given. He does not even drive a $231,000 car because it’s completely unnecessary. But, his main focus was the mother who created this entitled behavior. He wants Nina to re-parent Nicolette. “More love and less money” is what Nicolette needs according to Dr. Phil.

Isn’t that an appropriate prescription for all entitled children? Love and a job will teach this child to appreciate and respect what she has. Handing a child thousands of dollars every month isn’t helping her. In fact, it’s harming her!

Watch Nicolette break down when she is told that she has to get a job in the video below.

Nicolette’s mom has trouble saying no. But, this is an important part of parenting. How is Nicolette going to be able to function in the real world? She’s going to crumble if her family doesn’t turn this bratty behavior around. Money isn’t a substitute for proper parenting and Nicolette’s behavior is proof that money can’t buy you everything!

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