Wednesday, May 16, 2018

The royal wedding of Prince Harry and American actress Meghan Markle is just three days away now, and the last thing the bride-to-be wants to deal with right now is family drama. That’s why it has undoubtedly come as bad news to Meghan that her sister, Samantha Markle, has just gone off on her in a massive rant in a newly-posted video.

Luckily for Meghan, however, people all over the world have leaped to her defense and slammed Samantha for this unhinged attack on the royal bride-to-be. Daily Mail reported that this past week, Samantha spoke out to defend the father she shares with Meghan after it was revealed that he had posed for paparazzi photos for money.

“If its about my life or my father’s there is something in this country called freedom of speech,” Samantha said in the video. “She doesn’t have a copyright on that and she’s not going to tell me that I can’t speak about my life or my father’s life where its a matter of public self-defense. The media is disparaging us. I’m not going to take it.”

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“This is not Great Britain. I am a United States citizen and that’s all there is to it. She’s way out of her league to tell me that I can’t speak. I’m not saying anything about her but if I’m talking about my life or my father’s she has to respect it.”

However, social media users made it clear that they have had enough of Samantha trying to make Meghan’s life difficult in the days leading up to her wedding.

“I don’t know why SM cares what the tabloids say..she isn’t anybody important. SM actually believes she herself is a celebrity,” one social media user wrote. “Sorry lady, you’re not! The world can’t wait for you to go away.”

“Samantha Markle really needs to get a grip, everything this woman says just makes her look bitter & jealous,” another social media user added.

“Desperate to go to Meghan and Harry’s wedding but wants to disparage them at the same time. Not cool!” one person tweeted.

Samantha has been estranged from Meghan for quite some time and has not seen her for ten years, yet she has been publicly angling for an invitation to the royal wedding since the engagement was announced. At this point, it has certainly become clear to most people why Meghan decided not to invite Samantha to her wedding, as it is obvious this woman is trying to mooch off her half-sister to secure fame and money for herself.

We hope Meghan is ignoring her sister’s latest rant and instead focusing on her upcoming wedding!

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