Tuesday, May 15, 2018

It’s an exciting time for the Royal Family. Kate Middleton gave birth to Prince Louis last month and Prince Harry is marrying American actress Meghan Markle this weekend. With these big events happening so close together, many are wondering if Harry’s bride will be chosen as one of Louis’ godmothers. The answer to that question is very likely no.

This isn’t a snub to the fact that Markle is an American or a commoner. She’s likely to be snubbed for this role because she will be new to the Royal Family. Godparents are typically people who have been close to the parents for a very long time.

The future King and Queen of England are likely to choose 5 godparents for their newborn prince. This would mimic Princess Charlotte’s baptism. As third in line to the throne, big brother Prince George has 7 godparents.

Royal commentator Richard Fitzwilliams said Markle is an unlikely choice because William and Kate have not known her for years. The parents take their choice of godparents seriously and since they haven’t known Markle that long, they are likely to take a pass on picking her for this important role.

“I doubt they would choose Meghan because they won’t have known her that well,” Fitzwilliams predicted. “Meghan is new to the royal family, she wouldn’t expect to be a godmother, this is usually reserved for those whom the parents have been close to for years, often many years.”

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge broke from tradition with Princess Charlotte’s godparents, opting for longstanding friends over immediate Royal Family members. They are likely to do the same with Prince Louis.

While Charlotte does not have a member of the Royal Family as a godparent, she does have two godparents from Princess Diana’s family. Prince Harry has not been chosen to be a godfather to either of his older niece or nephew.

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Source: Express

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