Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Prince Harry has always wanted to do things his way. His fun-loving and mischievous spirit was evident as a young child and as with any mother, this often caused Princess Diana some trouble!

Twenty years after her death, we still fondly remember The People’s Princess. She was relatable to so many of us because of her personal interest in so many causes and people in need. Her┬áhands-on approach to many things, including parenting, was unlike the other royals.

While many royals look to nannies to do the bulk of child-rearing, it was important to Diana to be a full-time parent to Harry and William. She didn’t want them to only know the bubble of royal life so she took them on outings to amusement parks and fast food restaurants and she made sure they developed kind and generous hearts towards the less fortunate.

But, Harry could be ornery! He may have grown up third in line to the throne, but he was still a precarious little boy with a lot of energy and a sense of humor. It was impossible to expect him to be serious all the time. When this happened, Princess Diana was there to set him straight just like any parent would.

The tweeted video below of Princess Diana quickly scooping up young Harry when he stuck his tongue out is relatable to many parents!

This was not unusual for Harry! He stuck his tongue out often when he’d see photographers. Diana knew that would be the picture used in the press, so she always tried to coax him into behaving!

When Princess Diana sat down to discuss her life on camera, Prince Harry was there giggling in the background. The frustrated mother lost her train of thought after having to shush the young Prince. After reprimanding him and giving him a stern glance, Harry straightened up. She meant business!


Diana could have easily sent Harry to be with nannies, but she wanted him with her even when she was being interviewed. She wanted to be the guiding force in her sons’ lives. This was an important decision as her time with them was cut short. Had she shuffled them off to be raised by staff, they would have missed all that precious time with her.

Many of us had thoughts of Diana during Prince Harry’s wedding earlier this month. She raised a very independent son who decided to do things his way, much like she did. We know she would be very proud of her youngest son.

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Source: Western Journal

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