Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Not everyone has a green thumb. There are many of us who have the opposite effect on plants and frequently have them die in our care. As fans of “The Carol Burnett Show” know, Tim Conway does not have a green thumb. In fact, his plant disliked him so much that it took it out on him, physically.

Tim attempted to return this enormous plant to the store. Carol Burnett played the shop manager who didn’t understand his hostility toward the plant and wanted to teach Tim how to properly treat and respect it. Her character babies her plants and can’t imagine why anyone would want to return one!

Every time she left the room, the plant would attack poor Tim. The plant was bigger than him and took advantage of that fact! This plant was delivering some serious punches to Conway, leading many people to wonder if Harvey Korman was the plant getting revenge on Tim for making him crack up during skits. I, personally, wondered the same thing myself!

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This hilarious video has really stood the test of time. Decades later, it is still funny and relatable to those of us who have black thumbs rather than green thumbs. I often think the plants I kill would love to seek revenge on me!

The funniest part comes at the end after Tim Conway leaves the store and Carol Burnett has a frank discussion with this violent plant!


I don’t care who you are, that is funny! I wasn’t expecting the plant to attack Tim Conway in such a brutal fashion!

“The Carol Burnett Show” had Americans laughing for 11 seasons. All members of the family could gather around the television knowing everyone was going to enjoy the show. It was entertainment for people of all ages! A true family show!

If you like watching Carol and Tim together, click here to watch how Tim Reacted when Carol went off script!

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