Wednesday, June 13, 2018

On Sunday night, Robert De Niro took the stage at the Tony Awards to launch a vile and profanity-laced rant about President Donald Trump, proudly yelling “f*** Trump” to a room full of liberal elitists who gave him a standing ovation. Now, however, this has come back to bite De Niro in a big way.

“I just want to say one thing. F*** Trump. It’s no longer down with Trump. It’s f*** Trump,” De Niro said onstage at the awards show.

The Daily Caller reported that Hollywood star Robert Davi, best known for starring in films like Die Hard and License To Kill, just spoke out to slam De Niro for his inappropriate remarks.

“It was disgusting. He shouldn’t have done it,” Davi said of the speech. “It’s art, art unites people, it doesn’t separate people. No matter how you feel about a president … or a candidate … you know, this is still America, and we should at least have respect and a certain decorum.”

Davi then took this a step further by lowering his sunglasses and directly addressing De Niro.

“It was disgusting what you did, Mr. De Niro, I respect you as an actor, but it was disgusting what you did, all right? And everyone who stood up. That’s my feeling,” he said.

“I didn’t agree with President Obama, but I respected him. I met him, we shook hands. All right? You don’t do that, you don’t … alienate people like that,” Davi concluded.

It is so refreshing to see a Hollywood star who is not afraid to go against the grain and take a major stand for a president who is under attack! We applaud Davi for speaking out to let the world know that De Niro took his anti-Trump obsession way too far with this hateful speech.

We need more people in Hollywood like you, Mr. Davi!

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