Friday, June 29, 2018

Meghan McCain slammed her counterparts on The View when she told Joy Behar that President Trump‘s messaging is “better than yours!”

The odds are stacked against Meghan McCain as the only Republican facing a table filled with liberal women. Then Whoopi Goldberg tried to interject race into the discussion by insisting there will be an upcoming civil war between the left and the right, but McCain wasn’t having it.

“Some of this is about race. I think we can concede that. But a lot of this is about poverty, which again, seems to be missed in the mainstream media,” McCain explained. “When you are living in a tiny town in America and your coal mine or steel mine went under and opiate addiction is raging in your town, and there is no hope for your kids, and you can’t pay your insurance -”

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“Gee, sounds like black people,” Whoopi Goldberg snapped.

“I adore you, as you know, but that was a cheap shot,” McCain clapped back. “I’m coming on the show trying to explain what Red America is thinking and doing, and I believe I understand.”

But, McCain’s best slam was directed at Joy Behar whose hatred of Trump is undeniable.

“What I would like to know, is why do people think that the Republican Party with Trump in charge, is going to help them out of their poverty when they give tax breaks to the very wealthy of this country?” Behar asked. “Their policy is going to destroy American companies.”

“Because his messaging is better than yours!” McCain yelled at Behar!

It was quite a slam for Behar to hear that Trump does anything better than her! That is probably still ringing in her ears!


Meghan McCain can certainly hold her own against all those leftist women. I’m glad she snapped back at both Whoopi Goldberg and Joy Behar.

Source: Mediate

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