Tuesday, June 12, 2018

When Megyn Kelly left Fox News to go work at NBC, she thought she was making the best decision of her career. It didn’t take long for her and everyone else to realize that she had made a huge mistake as her hour of the “Today” show had abysmal ratings from the very beginning.

Daily Mail reported that NBC executives are considering moving Kelly to the fourth hour of “Today,” as her 9am time slot is dragging down the ratings for the 10am hour. This move would also allow Hoda Kotb to film all three hours of “Today” she appears in back-to-back, without the hour break in between her shows.

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“It’s the smart move,” said an insider of moving Kelly to 10am. “At the very least that limits the damage already done to Hoda and Kathie Lee — maybe with a strong lead-in from ‘Today’ at 9am, they’ll even pick up some of the viewers they lost since Megyn went on the air.”

Since Kelly took over the 9am hour, ratings for Kotb and Giffords’ hour have gone down and it has become clear that “Today” viewers would rather turn off their televisions altogether than sit through an hour of Kelly’s show. Much of the blame for Kelly’s hiring has been placed on NBC head Andrew Lack, who made the decision to offer her the multi-million dollar deal.

“Andrew Lack made the mistake with Megyn Kelly [from the beginning] with the decision to hire her to an anachronistic celebrity contract in the mistaken belief that star quality could turn into ratings gold,” said Andrew Tyndall, a television news analyst and consultant.

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In the end, we’re really not surprised that Kelly has not been able to find an audience for her show. Closed-minded liberals will never forgive her for working for Fox News, and conservatives will never forgive her for turning her back on them by leaving her former network.

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