Monday, June 11, 2018

Waving the flag at a motorsports event isn’t what many consider rocket science. So when a Canadian supermodel was given this task at the Candian Grand Prix, nobody could have predicted how wrong things would go.

Winnie Harlow is a model. She is being applauded for redefining beauty as she has vitiligo. While perhaps she is able to make a living posing for pictures, she probably should not be given the job of waving the flag at a race EVER AGAIN.

The Grand Prix ended a lap early when Harlow waved the checkered flag at the wrong time! This caused a lot of confusion with the drivers who wondered if their lap counters were wrong.

Sebastian Vettel was leading at the time and he was baffled by what was going on when the model waved the flag. “I was a bit confused. I told them [his team] I don’t think the race is over yet,” he said after the race. His lap counter read 69 rather than 70 when the model began waving the flag.

This is why you don’t put clueless people in prominent roles! This isn’t even a hard task, but it was flubbed in EPIC fashion! If she didn’t know the rules of racing, they should have given her a crash course!

Formula One is trying to cover her tracks. They put her in a very public role and are now saying it was a miscommunication between the starter on the stand with Harlow and race control. These are professionals who are paid to know every detail of the race.

Is that what really happened? It’s easy to imagine them telling her to wave the flag on the next lap and she got a little too antsy.


Thankfully, nobody was injured. This could have been a catastrophic mistake as team members typically come onto the track when the race ends. Cars were still going full speed as it was supposed to be the final lap.

Harlow, who previously said she isn’t an F1 fan, tried to deflect criticism on Twitter by also saying it wasn’t her fault. I’m finding this a bit hard to believe. I’m inclined to think the person waving the flag should have some knowledge about *when* to wave it!

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Source: Chicks On The Right

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