Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Last week, Wall Street Journal White House correspondent Vivian Salama shared a photo of three White House chefs grilling baby leeks and squash for a Ramadan meal for President Donald Trump. It was a perfectly normal photo, save for one thing: the massive chef who looked more like he should be competing in bodybuilding competitions than cooking meals for the president.

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CNN reporter Kate Bennett later confirmed that the buff chef is named Andre Rush – and his arms are 24 inches around.

The photos of Rush quickly went viral, and he was invited on TMZ Live for an interview. TMZ tried to ask Rush about Trump’s notorious diet, but he wouldn’t dish any details. “If you want to arm wrestle me I’ll tell,” he joked before adding, “Believe me, with the chefs he has a well-balanced diet.”

However, as for Rush himself, he could likely eat all the McDonald’s he wants – his workout routine is absolutely insane. Listen to him describe it below.

Rush is a former Army Ranger who used cooking as an escape from the stresses of military life. During his 24 years in the service, he cooked for some of the military’s top brass and competed in culinary competitions around the world. After retiring with the title of Master Sergeant Chef, he’s been working as a freelance chef for the White House since 1997, lending a helping arm to big presidential dinners and events. If that’s not enough, Rush is also trained in classical plating, is an expert cake decorator, a master ice sculptor, and can bench a whopping 700 pounds.

Everyone deserves a cheat day every once in awhile. But with Chef Rush cooking his meals, there’s no doubt that President Trump is eating well.

Source: 100 Percent Fed Up

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