Tuesday, June 12, 2018

The No Fun Police are coming after Prince George after the five-year-old was photographed playing with a toy gun. Leftists have lost their minds over the thought of a boy doing something that boys have done for generations.

These social justice warriors likely had to take an extra Xanax when they noticed the young Prince was also playing with a toy knife with his friend. This happened at a family day during a polo match. George was with his mother and was even being supervised. The toy gun was clearly marked with an orange tip. Nobody was in danger. The only people injured were sensitive leftists who were personally offended at a boy having fun.

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As the future King of England, leftists want Prince George to live out his childhood in a sterile fashion, free of gender stereotypes and thoughtful of everyone’s feelings. But, he is a boy, whose father, grandfather and uncle were in the military. It is natural for him to want to play like an average young boy.

Prince George is clearly having fun with his friend. These were not actual guns. Anyone who believes children shouldn’t have toy guns likely hasn’t spent a lot of time with a child who doesn’t live in a bubble. I have seen plenty of children without toy guns make use of sticks or other materials to create their own.

Of course, some liberals had to make this about race. Plenty of social justice warriors compared Prince George‘s “white privilege” to Tamir Rice, an unsupervised Cleveland boy who was shot and killed by police after he was pointing an airsoft gun with the orange tip removed at people. These are not equal situations, at all.

These pictures show that the children of the Royal Family are permitted to have some normalcy in their lives. But, fun is offensive to some. It must be exhausting being offended by everything.

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Source: National Review

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