Tuesday, June 12, 2018

A crash at a Florida toll booth is the perfect example as to why you should always wear a seatbelt. The crash was so fierce that a man was ejected from the car and flew across the pay lane of the Florida Turnpike.

This happened near St. Cloud. The jaw-dropping video will have you wondering why in the world the driver was going so fast as he approached the toll booth. The car is seen speeding through poles before striking the barrier at the coned off lane. Then, the car nearly does a 180 as a man is ejected from the window and is thrown a shocking distance. The flying man finally landed with his head just inches from a yellow pole.

The driver got out of the SUV as it caught fire. Smoke surrounded him as he tried to locate his passenger. The man moved slowly as he appeared to try to grasp what happened.

The reaction from the toll booth employees is surprisingly muted as they don’t appear to grasp what happened either. It certainly wasn’t what anyone expected to see at work that day! People don’t generally come barreling through a toll plaza, after all.

While the video below isn’t as graphic as Sonny Corleone being shot up at the turnpike in The Godfather, you should know that it is not easy for everyone to watch.

Wow! Remarkably, all five passengers were treated and released from the hospital. The man who was ejected from the car even survived, though he will likely be feeling the pain of that crash for a long time and I highly doubt he’ll ever get in the car with that friend again.

A state trooper wrote in the accident report that the crash appeared to be caused by driver fatigue. This begs the question, were none of the other passengers watching what he was doing? It would be terrifying to be in a car as it sped towards the toll booth! Did nobody scream? RELATED: Swerving car caught on dash cam footage will make you gasp!

The reckless drive didn’t walk away with his dignity, but they all somehow made it out of there with their lives. That alone is miraculous considering the severity of the accident.

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Source: Daily Mail

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