Wednesday, June 13, 2018

A YouTuber who was paid to live stream a bomb threat is facing 10 years in jail and a $20,000 fine. “Arab Andy” welcomed his arrest which he hoped would bring him more notoriety.

On May 31, Jammal Harraz, Arab Andy’s legal name, went to the University of Washington to cause a commotion. Armed with his phone and a selfie stick, Harraz played a computerized recording that said, “C-4 has been successfully activated.” Then a bomb countdown began as people ran from the building.

Harraz was paid in $4.20 donations for playing this message on campus. Many would think that is a pitiful amount of money to risk your freedom over, but not Arab Andy. That is his going rate for playing a message of his followers’ choice over his phone speakers.

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Because of a $4.20 dare, Harraz is facing bomb charges and a decade behind bars. This selfish idiot clearly didn’t grasp the seriousness of the situation considering he live-streamed his arrest. He was smiling as he was being hauled off by authorities. A prosecutor said it was “as if he was pleased that his arrest would boost his notoriety.”

Video of Harraz’s bomb threat can be viewed below. Imagine the horror of being in the building when that message was played. With all that’s going on around the world and in this country, people are on high alert, in fear that one of the many tragedies they see on the news could happen to themselves or a loved one. Arab Andy and his “customer” were looking to terrorize people and they did just that.

This has proved to be a lucrative business for Arab Andy. He claims he has made $1000 a month doing this. He made $200 the day of the bomb threat. Prosecutors believe he has no reason to stop doing this as he continues making money and doesn’t show concern for the law. There is also a GoFundMe account set up to help this low-life pay for his legal expenses.

Arab Andy is not the only YouTube streamer doing this. People are paying YouTubers to play racist and anti-Semitic comments in public. Harraz was also paid $4.20 to play a racist comment in a University of Washington classroom before he made the bomb threat.

We have an increasing amount of young adults who have no regard for the law or their fellow man. Their parents aren’t teaching them respect and discipline. They are just looking for fortune and fame. For people like Arab Andy, that fortune is coming $4.20 at a time.

Source: Daily Beast

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