Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Surveillance video of George Clooney‘s motorcycle accident has been released and it’s hard to watch as it shows the actor flying 20 feet up into the air before smashing into a car windshield. The actor now knows what it feels like to be a stuntman.

The Academy Award winner was traveling at 60 miles per hour when he collided with a Mercedes Benz on the Italian island of Sardinia. It was previously reported the actor was taken to the hospital and treated for bruising on his arm, leg, and pelvis. After watching the video, it’s remarkable that he was discharged from the hospital so quickly. Clooney had a CT Scan that showed no bones were broken. However, injuries to his pelvis, hip, and knee will take about three weeks to heal.

Clooney was traveling to set for his Hulu TV Series “Catch 22” when the accident occurred. His bodyguard was also on a scooter but swerved away from the Mercedes seconds before the actor collided with the car.

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Video of Clooney smashing into the car and becoming airborne can be seen below.

OUCH! That had to hurt. It’s unbelievable he was able to walk away from this accident without major injuries.

Gianni Visciano witnessed the accident and reported the actor was struggling immediately after the collision. “Clooney was shouting and when one of his escorts took off his helmet, he seemed unable to move his legs and held his head,” he said.

Antonello Viglino was driving the car when a blind spot from the sun prevented him from seeing Clooney. He was incredibly upset and rushed to help the injured actor without realizing who he was.

“I didn’t see anything, I had the sun on my eyes. I was about to turn, I just got over the line,” Viglino said.

Thank God this accident wasn’t worse. We hope Clooney will heal without further complications.

Source: Daily Mail

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