Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Radical feminists often discount the importance of fathers. When Judge Judy was presented with this in her televised courtroom, she wasn’t having it. The Judge stepped up in support of fathers in epic fashion!

When a mother toldĀ Judge Judy that her child’s father had no right to leave with their baby, the Judge quipped back by saying “He’s the father no less than you’re the mother!”

Mothers don’t have a monopoly on parenting. Children need both their fathers and mothers. Mothers have an important role in child rearing, but that does not mean dads should be discounted! Judge Judy, who doesn’t consider herself to be a feminist, understands this important fact! Fathers’ rights are often trampled on in court, but not in Judge’s Judy’s courtroom!

“He has as much right to take that child as you do… In this country, fathers are not second-class citizens,” Judge Judy told the mother. “I know there are a lot of people out there, including judges and probations officers who still don’t get that message. Fathers are not second-class citizens! Sometimes, they’re actually better parents!”

Judge Judy lays down some essential truths. Watch the man’s reaction after she puts this woman in her place. He stands up a little taller and smiles a little brighter knowing that someone in authority sees his worth. We need so much MORE of this in our family courts! Fathers matter and are needed in their children’s lives!


Every family court judge needs to take Judge Judy’s words to heart. Children need their fathers in their lives! A good father should not be pushed to the side and have his parental rights eliminated simply because he is a man! Dads often get a raw deal from courts, but Judge Judy stood up and laid out some important truths!

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