Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Fox News host Kimberly Guilfoyle gave an interview to Breitbart Radio earlier this month in which she opened up about her relationship with her boyfriend, Donald Trump Jr.

Mercury News reported that Guilfoyle went so far as to call Trump Jr. “the No. 1 up-and-coming political figure on the right.”

“He has a compelling political voice, he is incredibly bright. I have seen him at these different rallies,” Guilfoyle said. “He is a person that people can understand, he’s very approachable. He is very relatable with his background and his interests.”

Though liberals like to portray Trump Jr. as a spoiled brat who is out of touch with the needs of working Americans, Guilfoyle said that he is the complete opposite.

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“(Trump Jr.) did so many campaign stops for his father,” the Fox News host said. “He actually spoke to people, and he listened for a change. … He’s at their level and is listening to them, and he’s connecting, and you can see it’s becoming quite a movement across the country.”

Guilfoyle has been spending lots of time with the Trump family since she started dating her new boyfriend, even traveling to the White House with him to celebrate July 4.

In the interview, Guilfoyle also compared Trump Jr. to her ex-husband Gavin Newsom, the Democratic mayor of San Francisco. She talked about Newsom’s “very liberal policies” on gun control and his “aggressive” stance against President Donald Trump’s policies.

“So obviously, that wasn’t the best match for me, but I think I got it right this time,” Guilfoyle said, showing just how serious she is about her new boyfriend.

Trump Jr. is in the process of an amicable divorce from his wife Vanessa, who is the mother of his five children. It has been rumored that Vanessa had trouble dealing with the spotlight that comes with being married to the president’s son. Given the fact that Guilfoyle was once married to a politician and appears on Fox News daily, we would imagine that being in the spotlight won’t be an issue for her!

It’s so nice to see this different side of the president’s son! We wish Donald Trump Jr. and Kimberly Guilfoyle the best of luck in their relationship!

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