Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Being royal isn’t easy; it comes with a lot of rules and newly minted Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle, seems to be having a hard time following them.

Meghan’s most recent royal faux pas occurred Tuesday at the Royal Air Force centenary at Westminster Abbey, where the Duchess was spotted sitting with her legs crossed.

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As any fan of the royal family knows, crossing your legs is a big no-no; instead, proper etiquette dictates that royal women sit either with their ankles crossed or their legs at a slant, a position which Kate Middleton has so perfected that it’s come to be known as the “Duchess slant.”

However, royal experts believe that Meghan is simply finding her own style of seating – and they predict that her crossed legs could soon be known as the “Sussex sit.”

MailOnline’s etiquette expert, William Hanson says that while historically royal women would avoid crossing their legs, Meghan is not breaking any rules in doing so now.

He said: ‘Although used to be the custom that ladies (royal or non royal) would never cross their legs, clearly the Duchess of Sussex is finding her own style and comfortable seating position by crossing her legs.

‘Correctly, however, she is not letting there be too much of a gap between her ankles, which can look very ungainly when done by women or men.’

Indeed, Meghan has already paved new paths within the royal family. What does it really matter if she sits differently?

That being said, there are clearly still some unwritten etiquette rules she needs to learn. Just last week, Meghan made a rather embarrassing faux pas when she tried to hold Prince Harry’s hand during the Young Leaders Reception at Buckingham Palace. She made another mistake last month when she walked in front of the Queen.

Learning curve aside, the royal family – and the Queen – have clearly taken to Meghan, and she’s sure to get all the royal protocol down soon enough.

Source: Daily Mail

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