Tuesday, July 10, 2018

In the midst of Prince Harry’s wedding to American actress Meghan Markle, the British royal family found themselves embroiled in a public relations nightmare as Meghan’s father has embarrassed them time and time again. Now, Queen Elizabeth is shaking up the PR team at Buckingham Palace in the hopes of ensuring that mishaps like this one do not happen again.

Daily Mail reported that two of the Queen’s senior PR aides will be vacating their positions in the coming months. The aides that will be leaving have been identified as Sally Osman, Director of Royal Communications, and Steve Kingstone, the Queen’s Media Secretary.

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The Queen’s PR team was widely criticized for mishandling Thomas Markle, who infamously made a deal with the paparazzi, hoping to receive compensation for photos of him preparing for his daughter’s nuptials. Once the deal was exposed, he backed out of attending the wedding altogether days before the ceremony, leaving the royals scrambling to figure out who would walk Meghan down the aisle.

Prince Charles ended up stepping in to fill Thomas’s role in the wedding, but the mishaps did not end there. After the wedding, Thomas gave an in-depth interview in which he openly discussed Harry’s political views. This proved to be a nightmare for the Royals as protocol dictates they keep all of their political views private.

People all over the world slammed Buckingham Palace’s PR team for not trying to rein Thomas in sooner. This is likely why the Queen has decided to shake things up as she has realized that what her team was doing before is not working. We hope that the Queen is able to put together a team that can save her from this type of embarrassment in the future!

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