Monday, August 6, 2018

Guardians of the Galaxy star Chris Pratt has a new romance and it is believed that things are getting serious since the Christian actor took Katherine Schwarzenegger to church two weeks in a row. Katherine is the daughter of former Republican Governor and movie star Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Pratt is a very relatable star. He raises his own meat, he’s a proud father, and he isn’t afraid to praise God on stage or on social media while the world is watching. So, the actor must think Katherine is special to take her to church.

Last weekend, the pair took Pratt’s five-year-old son Jack to church with them. After praising God, they went to get frozen yogurt and Pratt and Schwarzenegger were spotted kissing. This has to be a special relationship for Pratt to introduce her to his son Jack.

This week, Jack was not with the couple at church. This allowed them the opportunity to go to dinner with her family after their church date. Katherine’s brother Patrick Schwarzenegger posted a video of the dinner on his temporary Instagram stories. In the video, Pratt and Katherine were seen at the table laughing.

Patrick later shared a video getting ice cream with the couple after dinner. Katherine’s other brother Christopher was spotted in that video, so this was very much a family event that included Pratt.

Katherine might prove to be a formidable match to the Christian actor. She was raised under the microscope of Hollywood, so she understands the pressures that come with fame but she does not work in that industry as she is an author, so she brings a different perspective to the relationship. She is also very willing to accompany Pratt to church, which is an important part of his life.

Pratt was also recently spotted wearing a “Jesus Loves You” t-shirt after working out at a gym.

Chris Pratt

More information about this budding romance is in the video below.

Sources report the couple was set up by Katherine’s mother, Maria Shriver who is the niece of President John F. Kennedy.

Source: ET Online

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