Friday, August 10, 2018

Police have released Nikolas Cruz‘s confession video and it is so disturbing that you’ll be wondering how he was still permitted in school. He even admitted to planning another shooting.

The Parkland school shooter repeatedly holds his fingers against his head and acts as though he is pulling the trigger. He does this even when nobody else is in the room. It’s very clear that Cruz has serious mental health issues that Broward County officials continued ignoring before he killed 17 people in his rampage at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School.

The 19-year-old in the videos is seen punching himself in the head and repeatedly saying, “kill, burn, destroy.” When an officer interrogating him asks Cruz if he wants water, the high school shooter replies, “I don’t deserve it.”

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The video that was recorded the day he was arrested also shows Cruz asking to be killed. His brother shows up for a visit and tells him that people think he is a monster. While sitting in a hospital gown, Cruz appears to be shocked that people think this of him.

A short clip of some of the parts of Cruz video is below. This is a very seriously ill person who was permitted to remain in school after multiple warning signs.

Cruz told the police interrogator that he had been hearing “demons” for a long time. These demons were voices that told him to “burn, kill, destroy.” The Parkland shooter then confessed to killing birds. He would lay in the grass and wait for birds to come by, then he would shoot them.


Cruz said that he was planning another shooting at a park before he shot up his high school. He even made notes about it but decided against attacking there. He admits that his family knew about his gun. It is hard to understand how they would allow him to have it considering it is abundantly clear he is seriously mentally ill.

The short video below will once again have you wondering why Cruz kept getting so many passes from authorities, the school, and his family.

Source: NY Post

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