Thursday, August 9, 2018

A 16-year-old is lucky to be alive after being pushed off a bridge. Jordan Holgerson is recovering with five broken ribs and a punctured lung. Now, her family hopes video of this horrific event will help force the perpetrator to turn herself in to police and prevent this from happening to someone else.

The video shows the teen standing on the bridge in Yacolt, Washington. She was hesitant to jump into the water and is even heard saying no. Suddenly, a teen standing behind her forcefully pushes her as she tumbles at an unfortunate angle about three stories down into the Lewis River.

As much physical pain as this honors student is now facing, she recognizes that it could have been much worse. She could have easily drowned if someone didn’t swim out to save her. Besides that, her mother pointed out that she could have also been paralyzed or had another lifelong injury.

“I could’ve died. In midair, I think I might’ve blacked out. I was awake and aware when I hit the water,” the injured teen said. “I have five broken ribs, air bubbles in my chest, and I have a punctured lung.”

People have become reckless and immune to how their actions affect others and many are seeking internet fame from a viral video. The “friend” who pushed Jordan hasn’t spoken up to explain her behavior in what is really an assault.

“My daughter’s going to have a long road to recovery and I think that (the friend) should probably just turn herself in – realize what she did wrong,” Jordan’s mother Genelle Holgerson said. “This is not OK. She could have killed my daughter.”

Hopefully, there will be some accountability for her actions. This “friend” didn’t want to wait any longer and pushed the teen down three stories. Jordan was then rushed to the hospital in an ambulance. Teens appear to be more reckless towards each other as they are engrossed into the digital age and unfortunately, in this case, it has resulted in some serious injuries.

Video of Jordan being pushed off the bridge can be seen below.

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