Monday, September 10, 2018

There doesn’t seem to be a government handout liberals don’t like. Freebies are always on their minds without any concern about who has to pick up the tab.

Prager U highlighted California’s generosity with other people’s money in a viral man on the street video. Will Witt asked people at Manhattan Beach about gubernatorial candidate Gavin Newsom‘s plan to give illegal immigrants free universal healthcare.

The former San Francisco Mayor wants taxpayers to foot the bill for healthcare for those who are in our country illegally. It’s not enough that San Francisco is a sanctuary city that harbors people like Kate Steinle’s murderer who is here illegally. Newsom wants to dole out freebies and send the bill to hardworking American taxpayers.

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The liberal Californians Prager U spoke with about this topic agree, proving that California is more likely to fall into the Pacific Ocean than become fiscally responsible. Time and again, the people Will Witt spoke with were enthusiastic about handouts to these illegal freeloaders. Only one person was against this proposal.

Ironically, a man wearing an “Earned Not Given” shirt was excited about paying for health care for people who are breaking the law just by being here. He didn’t appear to understand the hypocrisy in wanting to give illegal immigrants what they have not earned or even paid for while sporting the opposite message on his chest.

Others didn’t appear to understand that they would be the ones picking up the tab for this handout. Even worse, they didn’t know that many illegal immigrants don’t pay any taxes because they are paid under the table. This video is not only an indictment on the failed liberal policies of California but the failure of that state’s educational system as well.


Unbelievable! They don’t appear to understand that the government gets its money from the taxpayers. Someone has to pay the bill. Nothing is free.

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