Thursday, September 13, 2018

The Roloffs gathered together to celebrate Ember Jean’s first birthday recently. Jeremy and Audrey’s daughter is officially one-year-old and nobody in the family can believe this much time has flown by so quickly.

Of course, this called for a big celebration complete with Ember making a mess of her own cake. The birthday girl obviously enjoyed her delicious cake with light pink frosting very much. Ember wore a crown of roses as she dug into her special dessert, as captured by Jeremy in the Instagram post below.

Ember Roloff

Even Jeremy and Audrey wore flower shirts for the floral-themed birthday party. The perfect theme for a girl’s first birthday!

Jeremy Audrey Ember Roloff

Audrey was having a hard time accepting the fact that Ember is a year old and now a toddler. She wrote a touching caption below:

“I can’t even. My baby girl is ONE. All day I’ve been trying to put words to my emotions, but I just can’t,” the proud mother wrote in the Instagram post below.  “I know that might seem cliché, but it’s the unvarnished truth. Maybe it hasn’t hit me yet. I have a one year old?! What happened to the palm-sized, squinty-eyed, sweetly-swaddled little miracle that we brought into the world 365 days ago? And I thought I loved with all the love I was humanly capable of loving with then… but then God gave me more. More thankfulness, more joy, more understanding, more faith, more peace, and more love. So much more love. Ember Jean you light up our lives in the best way. You have a firey determination, eagerness to learn, hilarious expressions, brave curiosity and the most tender heart. It is an honor to be your mother. September 10th 2017 is Sharpied into my memory. Happy birthday Ember.”

Audrey Ember Roloff

Audrey also shared a video from the party that shows how much fun Ember had celebrating with her family and friends.

You can view that in the Instagram post above.

Of course, Ember’s cousin Jackson was there. Matt shared an adorable picture of himself with Jackson who looked rather annoyed at the birthday girl.

Matt Ember Jackson Roloff

Grandma Amy was there to share in the joy of celebrating her only granddaughter’s first birthday. She continued the theme by wearing a floral dress too.

There were plenty of pictures of the party that were shared on Instagram. Check them out below. Happy birthday, Ember Jean!

Source: In Touch Weekly

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