Thursday, September 27, 2018

Remember when Tim Tebow was hoping to be called up to the Major Leagues? Sadly, his dream was cut short with a season-ending injury. But that’s not diminishing his positive outlook on life. He talked about his recent book “This Is the Day: Reclaim Your Dream. Ignite Your Passion. Live Your Purpose”on “Good Morning America.”  His inspiring message will serve as motivation for anyone needing some encouragement.

While many people would be feasting on sour grapes after having their dreams sidelined, Tebow doesn’t take that approach. As a devout and proud Christian, he believes his life is guided by God.

The quarterback-turned-baseball player doesn’t allow fear to dictate his life. Even though it was terrifying to switch gears from professional football to professional baseball, he took the chance because he doesn’t want fear to define his life. He wants to live each day with purpose and he recommends we all do that.

This is an excellent lesson not just for professional athletes, but for people in all walks of life. If fear guides your life, you are likely to live with regret. Instead, let faith and your dreams guide you on your path. He’s remarkable and is guided by love and serving others.

“My greatest goal is to love God and love people,” Tebow shared. “And It’s not something that I just want to say. It’s something I want to live out. I believe that the greatest form of love as a definition is to choose the best interest of another person and act out on their behalf.”

Tebow puts these words into motion by his many good works. The Tim Tebow Foundation helps thousands of people, including orphans and people with special needs. This is definitely a man who has his priorities straight!

The inspiring interview with “Good Morning America” is in the video below.

Source: Faith Wire

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