Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Antifa continued wrecking havoc on the streets of Portland over the weekend as the mayor of this left coast city gave them yet another pass. The mob took control of the streets to protest the death of Patrick Kimmons who was killed by police amidst what is reported to be a gunfight.

As the mob claimed racist actions of the cops led to Kimmons’ death, they shouted racist comments at people and even physically targeted some based on their skin color. This was not a peaceful vigil to stamp out racism. This was an excuse to get violent and Portland elected officials keep letting it occur.

The Antifa members climbed out of their moms’ basements and took control of a street by redirecting cars claiming it is their First Amendment right to do so. Most of the protestors appear to be white and they were repeatedly calling drivers who wouldn’t follow their orders “white f***ers.” They even told a man in a car with North Carolina plates to go back home and accused the family of being with the Ku Klux Klan.

When an elderly man didn’t follow the street mob’s orders, they chased his car down and attempted to beat him. This was captured in the tweeted video below, but given that the City of Portland has been rather passive towards this violent behavior, don’t hold your breath expecting justice.

Portland clearly has an educational deficit if these young adults believe violence is part of the First Amendment. While the left claims conservative viewpoints are “violence,” they don’t appear to believe that physically harming people falls under the definition. These rioters obviously didn’t do well in school and since their parents and the Mayor of Portland won’t hold them accountable they keep on terrorizing people.

This is the reality of Antifa and it will breed in places like Portland until these criminals are held accountable.

Source: Daily Caller

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