Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Viral photos of a grieving bride remind us how quickly life can change in an instant and how much strength can persevere in the face of immense tragedy.

Jessica Padgett was engaged to Kendall James Murphy, but they never got to walk down the aisle as the Indiana firefighter was killed in the line of duty. He was helping a driver stuck in a car when his colleague drove up to the scene while driving drunk and struck him fatally. In what was to be their wedding day, the bridge still wore her wedding gown and found a way to honor her beloved groom.

Murphy was described by the National Fallen Firefighters Association as “a selfless man of God who loved spending time with family and friends.” That was apparent in the photographs that show a grieving bride along with many others who miss Murphy.

Credit: Loving Life Photography

The photographs have gone viral as they show the depths of sorrow as well as a tremendous amount of strength. The bride wanted to turn her wedding day into a day remembering the man she loved. The photographer photoshopped Murphy into one of the photos to make it appear that he was giving his bride a bouquet of flowers.

Credit: Loving Life Photography

The pictures highlight not just sorrow, but a way to remember a man whose presence is greatly missed. This was to be a day filled with smiles and laughter but it was likely one of the hardest days of the bride’s life. However, when Kendall’s parents brought her his firefighter uniform, it brought a smile to Jessica’s face.

Credit: Loving Life Photography

A cemetery is not a place where you expect to see a bride, but this was the only place where Jessica could be with Kendall on what was to be their wedding day.

Credit: Loving Life Photography

Credit: Loving Life Photography

Mandi Knepp was the photographer who took the touching photos. In the video below, she explains how special and healing this was not just to the grieving bride, but to both of their families as well

Source: LAD Bible

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