Wednesday, October 10, 2018

There’s nothing quite like the hypocrisy of the elitist liberals of Hollywood. Leftwing stars love calling for various types of gun bans while also starring in violent movies in which they gleefully fill their pockets by firing off guns non-stop.

Jamie Lee Curtis has been a Hollywood icon for decades, and she has tried to use her platform to support various liberal causes. One of her favorite things to call for is stricter gun control laws, including an all-out ban on assault weapons. Meanwhile, Curtis’ new movie Halloween is coming out next week, and the trailer for the movie shows that the actress has thrown her anti-gun views out the window in exchange for the hefty paycheck she is receiving for the film.

Fox News reported that Curtis’ role in this movie directly contradicts the role of the anti-gun activist that she has been playing on Twitter over the years. Back in May, just after she finished filming Halloween, Curtis took to Twitter to call for gun control after the Sante Fe High School shooting in Texas.

In 2013, Curtis called for a full ban on assault weapons.

Keep in mind that Curtis has made the bulk of her money from starring in movies that are full of gun violence like True LiesVirus, and the entire Halloween franchise. On Twitter, she appears to be totally unaware of her own hypocrisy when it comes to guns. Back in January, in the middle of filming Halloween, Curtis took to Twitter to post a photo that appears to show her practicing at a shooting range for her work in the film.

This type of hypocrisy is nothing new in Hollywood. Famous stars like Leonardo DiCaprio love to preach about the evils of global warming while they also fly around the world on private jets that wreak havoc on the environment.

Hollywood stars love lecturing the rest of us on what we should do, but they don’t feel that the same rules should apply to them. They hate guns until it comes to making money for themselves, at which point they are willing to star in the most violent movies that they justify to fill their own pockets.

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