Tuesday, October 30, 2018

On Saturday, a gunman walked into a synagogue in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and brutally murdered eleven people. Unsurprisingly, the mainstream media and Joy Behar wasted no time in politicizing this tragedy and shamelessly using it to fuel their anti-gun agenda.

On Monday, the liberal co-hosts of the ABC talk show “The View” also tried to use the shooting to further gun control, but conservative co-host Meghan McCain wasn’t having any of it. She shut them down by using two things that anti-gun liberals despise: logic and facts.

Daily Mail reported that co-host Sunny Hostin kicked things off by reading a list of mass shootings in the United States that have been perpetrated by people using AR-15s. McCain fired back at her by pointing out that the gunman who killed 26 people in a Texas church in 2017 was brought down by a man who legally owned an AR-15. Had this not happened, the gunman undoubtedly would have been able to kill more people.

Of course, Hostin had no rebuttal to this, and cohosts quickly moved the conversation forward.

McCain was soon able to get the floor again, and she chose to chastise her cohosts and their fellow liberals for constantly “demonizing” those who legally own guns.

“I am a legal gun owner and gun laws don’t have any impact on people who legally go and buy guns and use them in a safe way,” she said. “As a gun owner, we’re demonized to such a degree.”

At this point, the fiercely liberal Joy Behar was refusing to even look at McCain, perhaps fearing that if she did she would have to acknowledge that she knew what she was talking about. McCain could no longer deal with this blatant disrespect, so she called Behar out.

“You know what. Fine. You’re not even looking at me. I hate…” McCain said before Behar interrupted her.

“I’m thinking of the 60s and 70s and how the black panthers and the weathermen had a lot of guns and suddenly the NRA put in gun control,” Behar interjected. “It’s interesting, isn’t it?”

“Do you want to define to me what an assault rifle is. Just define it, anyone at the table,” McCain then said.

“It looks like a machine gun and…” Behar stammered.

“Machine guns have been banned!” McCain exclaimed.

Liberals Hate Logic And Facts

Head of the panel Whoopi Goldberg swooped in at this moment to steer the conversation away from gun laws. Clearly, the liberals realized that McCain was exposing the fact that Behar and her fellow left-wingers on the panel don’t actually know anything about guns and they did not want her to get any further with that.

This kind of exchange is typical when liberals are confronted with logic and facts. Instead of engaging with the conservative who is making these points, liberals typically do one of two things: become unhinged and start shouting down the conservative, or shushing the right-winger and swiftly moving on. In this case, “The View” hosts did the latter, but not before McCain showed that Behar is an ignorant liberal elitist who can’t even define what an assault rifle is, yet constantly calls for these weapons to be banned. Joy, you might want to do some research first before you call for another gun ban!

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