Thursday, October 11, 2018

Liberals claim that they are warriors for women and are doing everything they can to protect and respect females everywhere. However, in reality, they are only warriors for women who are liberals. In the eyes of the left, it is perfectly alright to belittle and attack conservative women who dared to vote for Donald Trump.

This week, comedian Sarah Silverman showed this once again when she launched a sexist and racist attack on “white women” who voted for Trump.

Breitbart reported that as part of a new video for her Hulu series “I Love You, America,” Silverman posted a video in which she said, “God, I wish I could get through to the 52 percent of white women who put Trump in office, but they’re too far gone, so instead I am looking to young people.”

As you can see, this was yet another attempt made by a Hollywood liberal to convince young people to vote. Just to be clear, Silverman is really just trying to get young liberals to vote. She has no intention of encouraging young people to think for themselves, as that would risk them possibly voting Republican! Instead, she wants them to blindly follow her and her fellow wealthy, Hollywood liberals in voting for Democrats.

Attacks like this on women and other minorities who vote for Trump are unfortunately nothing new in the world of Hollywood. Liberals don’t seem to realize that it’s incredibly sexist to say that women absolutely need to vote Democrat simply because of their gender. They also don’t understand that it’s racist to say that blacks and other minorities must vote a certain way as well.

When women and minorities do dare to vote for Trump and other Republicans, they are labeled as “mentally ill” by liberals. Case in point, Kanye West, who the left has started to portray as psychotic ever since he started endorsing Trump. Meanwhile, anyone who endorses a liberal candidate is claimed to be perfectly sane by the left.

In the end, videos like the one Silverman just released show that Democrats are far from the open-minded people that they constantly claim to be.

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