Monday, October 1, 2018

A St. Louis area mom has become the ultimate soccer mom by filing a lawsuit in federal court because her son was cut from the high school soccer team. She is claiming discrimination and demanding that her son is placed on the team. This mom can’t accept the fact that her son just wasn’t good enough to make the team, so she’s pleading her case to a federal judge!

This school does not allow students who don’t make the varsity team return to JV. Seven juniors who played JV last year did not rejoin the team for this reason, but this mom is demanding that her son is given a spot on the team anyhow. She doesn’t want the rules to apply to him and she’s willing to humiliate him by taking this case to federal court! She claims it is worth it as this is “devastating” to her son because he cares so much about soccer.

“[John] was right on the bubble of making the team this year and has some impressive attributes,” soccer coach Dave Aronberg told the ultimate soccer mother in an email. “However, there were a few holes in his game including technical ability and game decision making that put him behind a number of kids.”

This wasn’t good enough for this overbearing mother who is claiming age and sex discrimination because the girls’ soccer team has different rules. Different teams have different rules for many reasons, but this family doesn’t feel the rules apply to them and their special prize of a son.

“Female juniors get to play on the female junior varsity team, but male juniors don’t get to play on the male junior varsity,” the entitled family’s lawyer said.

The junior at Ladue Horton Watkins High School played on the junior varsity team last year and his mommy claims he is still good enough to be on the team. Imagine you are a junior in high school and your mom files a lawsuit to try to force the school to give you a position on the JV team. How humiliated would you be? If the mom somehow wins her frivolous lawsuit, it’s hard to imagine that the coach and the rest of the players would warmly welcome him.

The teen is being referred to as John Doe in court to protect his anonymity considering he is a minor. This is probably to his advantage as it would probably cause him employment problems once he is an adult. If his mom sued to get him on a high school soccer team, she is likely to be causing trouble for him and his employers throughout his life, not to mention the fact that she has probably turned him into an entitled brat!

The reality of the world is that not everyone can make the team. It’s important to learn this lesson early in life. You train and prepare better for next year in hopes that you are given a spot. Filing a lawsuit will only destroy this kid’s reputation and make him a laughingstock. His mommy won’t be able to save him forever.

Source: NY Post

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