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Thursday, October 18, 2018

On Wednesday, “The View” co-host Abby Huntsman said that Americans of different political views should mix and mingle as much as possible – that everyone merely existing in their own political bubbles without any interaction would be bad for society.

But Joy Behar disagreed.

“It’s like this is a whole different thing,” Behar said. “We’re not talking about Republicans and Democrats. We’re talking about Donald Trump people who believe what he believes.”

What does Trump believe? According to Behar (emphasis added):

“I was thinking about the difference between Bill Clinton and Donald Trump. When Bill Clinton did his dirty work, kids believed that oral sex was not sex for a while. That is the horrible influence that he had on American kids, which I deplored. This guy—this guy is training American kids to disrespect women, call them names, to be racist in many ways, to be bullies. Even though his wife says ‘Be best’ and don’t bully, he is a bully.”

This discussion arose from the announcement of a new dating app where Trump supporters can meet. Huntsman and co-host Meghan McCain continued to insist that Americans of different political opinions should be able to date and co-exist, while Behar and co-host Sunny Hostin pushed back on that notion.

Earlier in their conversation, when Behar seemed to say Trump supporters were beyond the pale, Huntsman shot back, “But they’re not all bad people.”

Behar replied. “They may not be bad people but they’re not offended by calling a woman horseface.” Huntsman responded, “That’s actually not true. I talked to many Trump supporters who say they do not stand by everything that comes out of his mouth and everything that he tweets.”

Note that it is the right-leaning Huntsman in this exchange who is calling for more openness and tolerance and the liberal Behar who is not.

This exchange was also telling. When Hunstman said not every Trump supporter necessarily agrees or supports everything the president says, Hostin asked Huntsman, “Are you still complicit in voting for him?”

Huntsman responded immediately, “Are you still complicit in voting for Bill Clinton?”

Behar jumped in “Bill Clinton never called anybody horseface.” Huntsman simply threw up her hands as if she wasn’t going to go there.

Perhaps that’s because Bill Clinton has been accused of rape, which last time we checked, is worse than name calling.

Whoopi Goldberg might have had the best message of all, shockingly:

Here’s the bottom line: You can love people who think differently. You can love people who look differently. You can love people who are nothing like you.


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