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3 weeks ago

Racism is an ongoing problem in society and it’s imperative that we take it more seriously today than ever. But, sometimes what appears racist on its face is in fact not.

This appeared to be the case with a recent incident at a Chipotle in Minnesota.

“Chipotle is reconsidering its controversial decision to fire one of its restaurant managers for telling a group of black customers they had to prove they could pay before ordering, after a series of tweets emerged showing the alleged victims boasting about ‘dining and dashing.” reports The Daily Mail.

“Masaud Ali, 21, claimed he’d been a target of racism after he was refused service at the restaurant in St. Paul, Minnesota, unless he paid first, with the manager telling him it was because ‘you never have money when you come in here,'” the Mail reports. “Can a group of young, well established African American get a bite to eat after a long workout session. @ChipotleTweets??’ he wrote in a tweet alongside a video of the confrontation, on Friday.”

Maybe the manager shouldn’t have been fired?

When the usual online mob went after both the manager and Chipotle, the employee was predictably fired.

But should the manager have been fired? Because it turns out that Ali had bragged about “dining and dashing” online.

Granted this tweet is three years old, but it does show Ali had done this before.

Maybe the manager had good reason to suspect he and his friends might do it again?

Others also took notice and came out in both opposition and support of the Chipotle manager’s decision.

“Dining and dashing”–eating your food and running off without paying–is stealing, which is obviously illegal. Maybe instead of racism, this was the manager trying to be a good employee and protecting the company she works for.

Here’s the allegedly racist manager with her Chipotle co-workers ( Manager “Dominique” is in the center).

Hopefully, Chipotle’s investigation will reveal what really happened but regardless, this is a good lesson that not everything is what it seems.

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