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3 weeks ago

As many continue to speculate that Hillary Clinton might be gearing up for another run at the White House in 2020, the defeated former Democratic presidential candidate decided to give her opinion about Europe’s immigration policies. Judge Jeanine had a great response to this.

Speaking to the UK Guardian, Clinton said that in order to stop the rise of right-wing populist movements, Europe will have to dial back immigration including not accepting as many refugees.

“This week Hillary Clinton said Europe should no longer offer refuge and support to migrants. What?” said Fox News’ Judge Jeanine Pirro.

Then Judge Jeanine really blasted Clinton:

“The woman either had a lobotomy, or she has been out in the woods too long.”

Pirro continued to go after Clinton and noted that Hillary’s remarks were no doubt an attempt to set herself up to challenge President Trump in two years.

Judge Jeanine then said how dumb Hillary would be to attempt this.

“Hillary, the only place that you need to run is back into the woods,” Pirro said, referring to Clinton being seen in the woods near the Clinton’s home in Chappaqua, New York, shortly after her losing in 2016.

In January, Judge Jeanine went to those woods to look for Hillary.

“OK, so I spoke to some people in Chappaqua, now I’m still looking for Hillary so I’m off to the woods,” Pirro said on camera.

“Do you think she’s home writing another book? Or maybe she’s still reading ‘What Happened’ because she can’t figure out what happened?” Pirro asked.

Judge Jeanine called out Hillary’s name in the Chappaqua woods, but the failed Democrat presidential contender never answered obviously.

Judge Jeanine is still right: If Hillary is seriously thinking about making another go at the White House, it would probably be best for her and the country if she’d stayed in the woods.

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