Thursday, November 1, 2018

In a sickening video, a loud, overweight welfare queen brags about how her entire life is paid for by the American taxpayers.

This entitled woman doesn’t want to work because she thinks it’s a waste of time. She thinks she should be “always given free money.” This blob wants to just have fun and play games. She wants to be an artist and give her work away for free instead.

She claims the only place she would consider working is at the store Hot Topic and she was banned from the store, so that isn’t happening. She just wants to get paid for being herself and she thinks the rest of us should fund her lifestyle. She promises that she will never have a job because her hobbies would interfere with getting a job.

Watch as she shamelessly talks about how amazing her freeloading lifestyle is, knowing that she’ll never have to work thanks to Obama’s ridiculous laws. It’s disgusting that the rest of us are working hard every day just to fund the lifestyles of people like this…

What a waste of cells! She believes she is too important to have a job! Why should she work when she gets “free money” from the government? This is the entitlement mentality that the left has created by establishing and expanding the welfare state.

There are millions of people just like this woman who have their hands out every day while the rest of us work and pay taxes to fund their lazy lifestyles.

This woman is committing fraud. Draining the swamp means getting rid of the politicians who support the welfare abuse this lazy lard spoke of in this video. Her checks need to be cut off immediately. Then she can learn the true value of money!

Click here to see how another welfare queen reacts when she is told to get a job!

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