Thursday, November 8, 2018

This story almost seems too crazy to be true. “Nine-year-old Charlotte asked her mum, Sharon Spink, to stop breastfeeding her after slowly cutting down on breastmilk for the past few years,” UK’s Unilad reports.

Wait… WHAT? This can’t be real.

“Sharon, a mother of four, insisted breastfeeding her daughter for so long was completely normal, and stated how it’d been the reason they’d formed a lifelong bond,” Unilad continued.

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Unfortunately, this is completely real.

“When I came to have Charlotte, I had decided on natural term weaning. It’s nice for the child to be in control of when they want to wean, rather than forcing the issue,” the mother explained, giving her rationale. “She naturally self-weaned earlier this year. It was a gradual process and her choice.”

“She was feeding about once a month if she wasn’t feeling great, or was feeling a bit run down, and was going longer and longer without feeding.” Spink said. “Now she hasn’t done it for about two months.”

Spink added, “She told me she would stop when she was 10 which will be in April next year but it seems to have come to a natural end earlier, although I would have allowed her to continue for as long as she wants to.”

When is the cut off date for breastfeeding?

Was she going to be breastfeeding her child at age 13? 17? 20?
Who knows?
As strange and disturbing as this is to us, imagine the poor 9-year-old and what she has been though. Spink seems to think that anyone who might have a problem with this is the problem, not her.

“The reaction I get from within the breastfeeding community is one of support. There were a lot of positive comments,” she said. “Obviously there have been the negatives – usually from typical keyboard warriors who post their opinion.”

Put me in the firm keyboard warrior slot on this.

“I have been called every name under the sun,” Spink said. “I’ve been told it’s child abuse, I’ve been called a paedophile and told it’s wrong and that I’m a freak.”

You think that would give this mother pause. Apparently not.

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