Thursday, November 15, 2018

Bullying is a serious issue that affects millions of children all over the United States. Bullying has gotten so bad that the suicide rate among kids in this country is higher than ever, which makes this issue all the more serious.

Realizing just how bad bullying is, one mother decided to take drastic action when she learned that her 10-year-old daughter was bullying one of her classmates. The punishment that the mother came up with for her daughter has divided the internet, with some applauding her for her tough parenting and others saying that she went too far.

Faithtap reported that Kaylee Lindstrom is a “self-proclaimed 4th-grade fashionista” who loves fashion more than anything. That’s why her mother decided to hit her where it hurts when she learned about her bullying ways by taking her to a thrift store and forcing her to pick out the “ugliest” outfit in the shop. Kaylee did so willingly, as she had no idea that she would be wearing the “ugly” outfit to school.

For the next two days, Kaylee’s mother forced her to wear the “ugly” outfit all day at school to force her to walk in the shoes of the girl she had bullied. Kaylee quickly found herself being bullied over her ugly outfit, and she was confused as to why her classmates could not look past her clothing to see who she was inside. This just goes to show that her mother’s punishment worked, as Kaylee was taught a lesson that she won’t soon forget!

Some internet users have slammed the mother for “shaming” Kaylee. However, others have applauded Kaylee’s mother for this, pointing out that the little girl will now think twice before she bullies someone over clothing.

“People are so sensitive nowadays,” one internet user wrote. “This is a fair punishment and it taught the girl a lesson without her regretting it. Be thankful that the parents did something about the situation instead of just ignoring it or doing something way worse.”

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