Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Last week, we reported that Beth Chapman’s throat cancer had returned. Now, Duane Chapman, also known as Dog The Bounty Hunter, has just given an update on his wife that has many fearing the worst.

People Magazine reported that Duane said Beth has left the hospital to return to their Colorado home, against the advice of her doctors.

“They told us they didn’t want her to leave the hospital, but she was adamant, she just wanted to be home,” Duane said, later adding, “Beth slept for almost an entire day. And she was more comfortable, then she got up and she was trying to do things around the house, trying to do laundry and wash the dishes, I said to her, ‘I’ve done all that, don’t worry.'”

The legendary bounty hunter also said that Beth appears to be far happier at home than she was in the hospital.

“They say the cancer follows the path of least resistance, so it goes downward. Half of her lung was full of water,” he said. “She’s much more comfortable now [that] she can breathe, but she just wanted to come back to Colorado, she loves it here.”

Chapman family awaits Beth’s biopsy results

Now, the Chapman family is awaiting the results of Beth’s biopsy, and Duane admitted that he is “nervous.”

“They got most of the throat cancer out,” Duane explained. “Her airway is clear now, but the doctors are afraid that it has spread. They are doing a biopsy scan to check if it has spread. … Hopefully, it hasn’t spread. Last time it didn’t spread at all, so we’re hoping the same thing.”

Beth has remained active on social media, most recently posting a throwback photo of herself and her husband on Instagram on Tuesday.


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2002 look at this oldie on the hunt for Andrew luster We were so young And he is so hot…. vavavoom !

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Last year, Beth was diagnosed to Stage 2 throat cancer and she managed to battle it into remission by the end of the year. At 51 years of age, she is far too young to be going through this again. However, if anyone can beat cancer again, it’s Beth. Please keep Beth, Duane, and the rest of her family in your thoughts and prayers!

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