Monday, December 10, 2018

During Michelle Obama’s time as First Lady, there was nothing that she was more proud of than her infamous school lunch rules, which were widely panned by children and parents alike. That’s why Michelle is undoubtedly fuming right now after President Donald Trump finally announced a major rollback of her precious rules.

ABC News reported that schools will once again be allowed to offer different milk options, such as chocolate, and Michelle’s efforts to limit sodium in lunches has been largely eliminated.

This comes a year after Trump’s Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue argued that children would end up avoiding healthy foods if they weren’t given more options. This was evidenced by the fact that schools reported that under Michelle’s rules, more lunches were being thrown out than ever before.

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“I wouldn’t be as big as I am today without chocolate milk,” Perdue said at the time.

From the time he took office, Trump has expressed interest in getting rid of Michelle’s rules as part of his “plan to rid the government of “unnecessary regulatory burdens.”

Michelle’s rules were widely hated

Michelle’s rules were widely disliked by both children and adults, with many pointing out that the so-called “healthy” meals that she was forcing schools to offer were virtually inedible.

We applaud Trump for rolling back the unnecessary regulations that Michelle inflicted on school children. Both Michelle and Barack Obama sought to control every aspect of our lives when they were in the White House, right down to controlling what our children eat in school. With this move, Trump is giving American children back the freedom of choice in that they can now decide what they eat.

Yes, we have a child obesity problem in this country, but it’s up to parents to combat this themselves by encouraging their children to make healthier choices. It’s not up to the government to tell young people what they can and cannot eat.

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