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4 weeks ago

Being more childish than ever, actor and Hollywood liberal Jim Carrey is once again attacking Sarah Huckabee Sanders. This time, Carrey says she is “Gorgon” and will “turn your heart to stone” with lies.

In the political painting, Carry wrote the words “lies” all over her hair.

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In mythology, a Gorgon is a monster that has snakes for hair.

The actor attacking Republicans and Sanders, in particular, is nothing new. Earlier this year, he attacked her with an unflattering drawing, referring to her as a “so-called Christian” and “monstrous.”

“Trump is a melanoma”

While that “art” led to some backlash, Carrey shows no signs of slowing down in making fun of Trump and his administration.

Last month, he even said President Trump was a “melanoma” and compared Republicans to rapists.

“These are not people you can deal with. You cannot be bipartisan with a criminal. A rapist needs to be removed, not negotiated with. These people are raping our system, they’re destroying it right in front of us,” Carrey said.

“Trump is a melanoma, and anybody that covers for him, including Sarah Sanders, is putting makeup on it. It shows that there’s a deeper problem in this country, and that problem is greed,” he added.

This is schoolyard stuff. One can have disagreements with President Trump or any other political figure, but to call them names or draw unflattering pictures of them is something you’d expect from elementary school kids, not adults.

That Jim Carrey would constantly stoop to such an immature level says a lot more about who he is as a man than anything about their politics.

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