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The mainstream media loves reporting on hate crimes that are perpetrated by white men. However, when a minority commits a hate crime, the media falls deafeningly silent.

That’s why you likely haven’t heard about this recent hate crime in Utah, and if you have, you probably haven’t seen the suspect.

Western Journal reported that Jose Lopez and his son Luis Gustavo Lopez were brutally attacked in their Salt Lake City tire shop by a man who screamed: “I’m here to kill a Mexican.” Luis suffered the worst injuries and ended up in intensive care with a shattered cheekbone and eye socket along with a collapsed sinus. Media outlets that have reported on this case have used photos of Luis when publishing it.

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The attacker has been identified as Alan Dale Covington, who used a pole to beat the father and son as he screamed “I hate Mexicans. I f—ing hate Mexicans… I’m here to kill a Mexican!”

Mainstream media hides race of suspect

He has since been arrested and charged with two felony counts of aggravated assault along with three weapon and drug charges. Despite the fact that Covington was quickly identified, media outlets like The Hill have refused to post photos of him or even mention his race. Instead, they have deliberately left out important details about his race to twist this and fuel their anti-Trump narrative.

By this point, you’ve probably figured out that Covington isn’t white. If he were, his photo would have been plastered everywhere, and this story would be all over CNN, MSNBC, and every other mainstream liberal network. However, since Covington is indeed a black man, news publications are reluctant to publish his image.

Since race is clearly an important part of this attack and this was an obvious hate crime, it’s completely irresponsible for the media to not even mention Covington’s ethnicity. The only reason they could have for keeping his race a secret is to further the narrative that the only people who commit hate crimes are white men who support Donald Trump. If the left really wants to be the warriors against racism that they claim to be, they need to acknowledge that minorities commit hate crimes, too.

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