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Friday, December 7, 2018

Did you know asking students to mind their manners is now racist? At least at one university, white professors who simply tell students to “be respectful in class” by suggesting they not put their feet on desks or play with their phones during class are accused of being racist.

According to the College Fix, a senior lecturer at the University of Texas-San Antonio was investigated recently when she called police on a repeatedly disruptive student. The teacher, Anita Moss, who is white, had been telling student Paige Burgess, who is black, all semester to be more polite in class, including not putting her feet on chairs.

The Daily Wire explains how what transpired next became a national story.

“The problem started when another student, Apurva Rawal, put out a tweet making it seem like Moss had flipped out and called the police just because a student had her feet up in class. He sent a video of the police removing the student,” The Daily Wire reported.

“The tweet went viral and media outlets like BET claimed Burgess was removed simply for being black and putting her feet up. Rawal continued tweeting that in the prior class, Moss ‘went on a whole tirade about how uncivil we all were because a few students were on their phone or not paying attention, cutting lecture time for the rest of us because her ego was bruised.”

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The Daily Wire noted, “Rawal concluded that the events “genuinely make me concerned for not only my fellow students, but any future roadrunners that may choose to attend this institution in the future.”

“Racial bias was not a factor”

But after an investigation, the university determined that Moss did not discriminate against the student, and that “racial bias was not a factor.” Even Burgess said she never thought this incident had anything to do with her race.

But unfortunately, that’s not where this saga ends.

“Even though Moss was cleared of racial discrimination and had positive reviews from students, she was removed from class for the semester,” The Daily Wire reported. “The racial bias investigation was not the only investigation going on. Her demands for proper classroom etiquette were also reviewed, and led to her removal, the Fix reported.”

To return to her classroom, Moss must “engage with UTSA’s Teaching and Learning Services individually to understand her internal and the external factors negatively impacting her capacity to manage the classroom.”

This is ridiculous. If merely telling a student to behave in class can be considered racist or grounds for punishing teachers, how can education take place?

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