Thursday, December 6, 2018

Following his recent visit from the Secret Service, actor and comedian Tom Arnold got up to his old ways when he targeted the NRA and NRA spokeswoman Dana Loesch as he questioned the number of black NRA members.

Arnold would take to Twitter to question the number of black members that are NRA members.

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Arnold’s Tweet was in response to a user who wrote, “So the NRA is racist now? I guess someone (not Tom Arnold) should tell the millions of black NRA members.” That tweet would later be deleted.

Dana Loesch wouldn’t take the Tweet lying down. She responded in kind telling Arnold to put his money where his mouth is.

Arnold would also target Loesch again in response to an ABC News video showcasing a father’s outrage after his son was mistakenly killed by police and shot in the back three times. He would use the video to call the NRA a “racist organization.”

Loesch would once again fire back at Arnold telling him to put up or shut up.

As to Arnold’s original point about the number of black NRA members, it’s hard to know the exact number as the NRA doesn’t ask questions about their members’ race or ethnicity on membership applications.

While the NRA doesn’t track their members’ race or ethnicity, the Crime Prevention Research Center does track the growth in concealed carry permits. In their latest report, they indicate that concealed carry permits are on the rise with the total number of concealed carry permits rising to 17.25 million. Their report also indicates that conceal carry permit growth is much faster among women and minorities. They note that between 2012 and 2018, permits for women grew 111% faster. Their report also indicates that conceal carry permit growth for blacks grew 20% faster than whites. Conceal carry growth for Asians was 29% higher than white.

The only one being racist appears to be Tom Arnold as he assumes black people wouldn’t want to be a part of the NRA, an organization that was originally founded to “promote and encourage rifle shooting on a scientific basis.” The organization would evolve to become a protector of the Second Amendment while maintaining its original purpose in training and educating people on firearms and marksmanship.

This isn’t the first time Tom Arnold has seemingly stuck his own foot in his mouth. He recently received a visit from the Secret Service after he threatened to physically body slam President Donald Trump. Arnold was also recently confronted by Superman actor Dean Cain after Arnold called Cain a racist.

Arnold’s strange saga wouldn’t end there. He would then launch into a number of bizarre rants targeting Twitter users claiming they bully women on the internet.

I think it’s high time Tom Arnold checked into rehab. He needs some major help.

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