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4 weeks ago

Host of “The Daily Show” Trevor Noah thinks that everyone is missing something big about the President of the United States. “We spent so much time on Trump’s evilness that we didn’t really get to enjoy one of his most important characteristics,” Noah said Wednesday night.

“And that is, the dude is super weird,” he said.

The president is weird? How so?

“We just never talk about it because it all happens under the evil” Noah continued. The host then showed footage of Trump’s supposedly weird mannerisms and ways in which he speaks at public appearances, including supposedly inventing new words.

Does Trump make up words?

These are some of Trump’s examples as compiled by TooFab:

  • From the Wright brothers to that beautiful Orion space cap-sicle.
  • The wall is under construction, a lot of work has been done, a lot of renoversh
  • Chris response and crisis Response
  • We don’t want you to put defensive mishiz and missiles
  • Significantly beating expectations in the House for the midtowm and midturn year
  • The op/ed published in the failing New York times by an anommess … anomoniss
  • Merry Chrissus Erry everybody!

Another weird thing Noah highlighted, was the president’s habit of dropping things when he’s done with them. Noah then showed a clip of Trump just dropping random things.

“Just randomly leaving things on the ground is gonna come back and bite him in the a**,” Noah said. “‘Cause if Trump ever has to run from the law, which he will have to, Mueller can just follow his trail of objects wherever he’s hiding.”

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The whole segment was relentlessly dedicated to making fun of President Trump, but honestly, any skilled producer could probably take moments of Barack Obama or George W. Bush out of context and do the same thing.

Still, the segment is somewhat entertaining and for anyone who appreciates our President, it just makes us like him more.

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