Friday, January 11, 2019

The only people who should be using props are stand-up comedians and stagehands. Political commentators should leave them at home.

That point was drilled home when CNN contributor, Ana Navarro, decided using a prop was a clever use of her time during a televised segment.

Ana Navarro is a former Republican strategist and Jeb Bush supporter.

Navarro appeared on “Cuomo Prime Time” along with conservative commentator Steve Cortes to discuss immigration, and more specifically, Trump’s plan for a wall along the US-Mexico border. Navarro spoke about Trump’s nationally televised address where he laid out his case for the border wall and why he’s not going to re-open the government without the $5.6 billion in appropriations for some of the border wall construction.

Following her comments, a debate ensued between Cuomo and Cortes about the crime rate committed by U.S. citizens vs. illegal immigrants. For whatever reason, Navarro thought it would be a good time to whip out an emery board and begin filing her nails as if she was bored with what Cortes was saying.

Navarro admitted she brought the prop to show that she doesn’t really care what Donald Trump Jr. says and thought it was the right time to use it the moment Cortes and Cuomo were bickering.

Instead of looking clever, it made her look petty, and it gave Cortes an opening to accuse her of indifference to the death of a police officer at the hands of an illegal immigrant. When Cortes said that, Navarro exploded in anger and the segment quickly turned into an overlapping shout-fest in which viewers could not make out what any of them were saying.

Navarro’s hatred of Donald Trump is well-known. It is why she refers to him as, “President Loco.”

Pre-planning the use of a prop as a means of attempting to make a point only proceeded to make her look foolish. She should skip the props next time out.

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